About Us
Feathers, Fins 'N Fur originally began as an Instagram page for the purpose of sharing cute pet photos with other animals lovers. Although the page has only existed since January 2017, it's growth inspired the creator, Cassidy, to expand upon the idea that is Feathers, Fins, 'N Fur.

Through her studies involving families and sociological phenomenon, the benefit of animals upon people has become even more apparent to Cassidy than it already was. It is her hope that the combined factors of her love of animals and her passion for studying families and their struggles that she can turn Feathers, Fins 'N Fur into a wonderful support tool.

In addition, Cassidy's commitment to providing her own pets with the best possible care inspired her to help others do so as well. As such, the website will be updated regularly with care information for various different animals. 

Are you wondering something specific or can't wait until an article is posted? You can contact Cassidy directly to receive a more immediate response (see Contact Us page). If you have a request for a topic to be covered, please feel free to contact us as well.